How to name your new pet

Pete Buttigieg’s wife, Stephanie, says she loves to name her new pet after a local animal shelter.

The couple recently got a lot of attention for the name, “Petey.”

But it was not until they were getting ready to move into their new home and start their new life that Stephanie thought it was time to give her husband’s new companion a name.

“I love the names that Pete has given us.

I think we could be a little more creative with it, but it’s just the one that we’re comfortable with,” Stephanie said.

Petey is a name that was already in use by Petey, a 6-year-old, cross-country skier from Virginia who is currently the top female ski athlete in the world.

The family also has a puppy named, “Pete.”

Stephanie says Pete has been so loving with Petey that she started to look for other ways to name the dog.

“We had this little kitty, and we decided to call it ‘Pete,’ because we just loved her,” Stephanie told ABC News.

“We’re going to have Pete when we move in.

I know it sounds like a silly name, but I think it’s a fun one.”

Stephane says she and Pete had already talked about names for the dog, so they started thinking about what to call Petey.

“When we first heard the name Petey and the idea of ‘petey’ being a word, it just kind of caught me,” Stephanie explained.

“I thought, well, you know, this is a cool name and we’re gonna keep it.”

Steps in the namepeteyPetey has already been named a popular name for pet owners by the owners of the local pet rescue group, the Animal Rescue Alliance.

Stephanie and Pete have named their dog after Petey the cat, which was named after a pet shop owner in Virginia.

Stephanie says she was thrilled when they received the call from the rescue group.

“This is such a great name and I think that’s really important to people that have a dog,” Stephanie says.

“You know, if we had any other names, we would have had to be a bit more careful, but we just went with this one.”

The rescue group is also giving out free dog toys to the community for pet adoptions.

Stephanane and Pete are currently getting ready for the move and have started looking at where they can get free dog treats.

“Pety is one of the first dogs that comes to mind, so we’ve already been thinking about that,” Stephanie explains.

“If we can get some treats, it will help us get over that transition.

It will make it a little easier for us to adopt.”

Petey will be staying with Stephanie and their new family at the rescue organization’s Pet-Friendly Pet Sanctuary in San Francisco, where Stephanie is now raising their two cats.

Stephanie said that she is looking forward to making sure Petey is well cared for while at the shelter.