‘Blessed’ to see Peter Gallagher on BBC1’s Peter Lambert’s podcast: ‘I’m proud’

Peter Gallaghash, the actor who plays Peter Lambert on the BBC’s Peter’s Lambert podcast, has been granted a visa by the British Government to travel to the United States.

The decision was made on the same day that the BBC announced that its US-based US studio would be launching a podcast called Peter’s Live, with Gallagher in the lead role.

“I’m very grateful that the Government of the United Kingdom has granted me a visa to work and live in the United State,” Gallaghashes said in a statement.

Gallagher has long been a fan of the podcast and has a recurring role in it. “

My goal is to be able to make this podcast into a success and have a meaningful impact on the people I’ve met and what I’m learning.”

Gallagher has long been a fan of the podcast and has a recurring role in it.

He first signed on to do the show in 2012, when he made a guest appearance on its first episode, and has been on the podcast for the past five years.

His role as the voice of Peter Lambert, who has been a recurring character on the show for years, was also first mentioned in 2012.

Gallaghish is the first actor to have a full-time job on the pod.

“It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to create and speak to an audience like this,” Gallagher said in the statement.

Gallagher is not the first person to get a visa for the US.

The British Embassy in Washington, DC, granted a similar visa for British-American actor Stephen Fry to return to the US last year.

The Embassy said it was a “good news story” and “another example of how the UK welcomes people from around the world”.