All of the cats from the Reddit AMA

A few weeks ago, reddit user peta Jensen decided to ask everyone’s favorite felines about their favourite cat, and she got quite the response.

Some of the responses were quite amusing, like one cat who suggested that she “might actually be a dog”.

Others, however, made jokes about the cat’s fur.

And one cat actually posted an image of the cat in the process of getting into bed.

Here are the hilarious, hilarious responses to peta’s question: I know the first question of every AMA is always: “Are you a cat?”

I am a cat.

I would have to say that I’m a cat in a very basic sense.

Well, I’m the type of cat who is attracted to dogs.

That’s my favorite cat.

It’s just so cute.

Do you know what a cat does?

I play with toys.

It makes me feel good.

But I’m not a dog, it’s my hobby.

My cat has been named Kaitlyn by my cat friend, and I am going to name my cat after her.


How do you get your nails done?

There are a few ways, you know, nails are not my thing, but I’ve been doing nails with a laser, and that’s pretty neat.

Is it important to know that you’re a cat?

No, I like cats.

Have you ever been told you’re fat?

When I was in college, my boyfriend told me I was fat.

He told me that I should wear a shirt and jeans, and not really eat.

What do you think of the movie The Cat in the Hat?

If I have to ask, I would say that the movie was an attempt to bring cat people back to the mainstream, but unfortunately it was just as good a movie as I remember watching.

Are there any cat-related holidays you miss?

You know, there’s a cat festival every year that we go to.

There is a cat-themed holiday called Catnip, which I think is really great.

Did you know that there are a lot of cats living in Seattle?

Yes, I know there are.

Can you give us some tips on how to treat a cat that has an illness?

It depends on the severity.

Does your cat get a lot better when you feed it?

That depends on what it has been eating.

You could feed it anything, but if it’s eating raw, you probably need to cut it off.

If you feed them something that’s just a little bit salty or cold, like a salad or something, then it will be a little easier to deal with.

Why do you like cats?

Because they’re cute.

They’re cute, you can see that.

They’re not all bad.

So, how do you treat cats that have an illness or something else?

The first thing I do is make sure that they’re all well.

Then I’m like, “What do I do with them?”

Then, I do the same thing for them as I would for a dog.

And then I’ll do the exact same thing with them.

I’ll feed them a lot, and then I take them to the vet, and the vet will do some tests, and all of a sudden, they’re totally healthy again.

In the movie, they say, “It’s like eating an alien.”

Do you think that’s true?

Yeah, I think that cat people can relate to that.

You know, if I have a cat, I’ll get that cat in my bed.

It’ll be like a cat on the outside, but inside it’s all me.