Why are the people of Colorado Springs so pissed off?

Colorado Springs residents were recently subjected to a series of bizarre events.

While many of the locals are just looking for a little bit of a buzz, others are fed up with the constant noise and constant disruption of their daily lives.

According to reports, some people are so fed up that they have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The local news station KUSA reports that residents are using social media to start a protest against the state of Colorado and a lack of cooperation from the local government.

The protest has been dubbed the Colorado Springs “Pettigrow Wars.”

The protesters, who call themselves the Colorado Spring Pest Control Patrol, say that Colorado Springs has been ignoring complaints of the city’s pest problems for decades.

According the city council, the city has been “out of step” with the needs of the community.

In fact, a city official recently stated that the city is on pace to lose a million dollars in the next two years because of the issues.

In an effort to fix the problems, the protesters have formed a new social media page called “The Colorado Spring Patrol” that has already garnered over 4,000 followers.

The group has been met with criticism from locals who have been vocal about the issues of Colorado’s weather.

The group is currently calling on the Colorado State Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution that would require Colorado Springs to “stop the incessant noise and disruption of our city’s daily lives.”

In a video posted to YouTube, the group claims that Colorado has been dealing with “worse than anything else that has ever been recorded in history” and that the residents of Colorado Spring should be proud of what they have accomplished in recent years.