What happened to Peter Pan?

By Matt Viser and Tom WilliamsThe movie that brought the world to tears, Peter Pan, is coming to theaters again.

The film, which made $2.5 billion worldwide, has been delayed by the production of a sequel, Peter Jackson’s new adaptation of Peter Pan.

The studio is putting out a new teaser trailer this week that highlights what the film will look like, with the titular character and his pals, Peter and Wendy, flying through the sky in the film’s third installment, The Little Mermaid.

The film is set to open nationwide on May 20.

The first trailer is available below, which you can watch below:What you need to know about Peter Pan:1.

The movie is a live-action adventure, not a musical or live-music drama.

The characters have to survive in a world that is more like the story of a Broadway musical.2.

It’s about a family with a young boy who is a hero, who saves the world.3.

The Little Mermaid is the first major Disney musical to be nominated for a Tony Award.

It was also named the fifth-highest grossing Disney musical of all time by Entertainment Weekly.4.

The main character is the daughter of Peter and his best friend, Peter Jr.5.

Peter Jr., who plays the lead, was the son of the late Peter Pan co-creator John Lasseter.6.

The Disney version of Peter is set in the world of The Little Merlin.7.

The story centers on a love triangle between Peter and a fairy princess.8.

Peter is the son and heir of a wealthy merchant family.

Peter Pan: The Musical is produced by Jonathan Demme and will be directed by J. M. DeLuca.