How to keep your pet birds happy in the city

In the wild, your pet bird will spend most of its time in the same spot and the same enclosure.

But in a city, you want to ensure that your pet is free to roam around in your neighbourhood. 

It’s a tricky task when your bird is constantly confined in a small space and cannot move around freely.

This is where pet birds will thrive.

Pet birds can fly in the air, climb trees, fly over fences, and even play around on playground equipment.

They also have a natural instinct to find a place to nest. 

If your bird can, it will be a lot easier to care for your pet in the big city.

Here are some tips to ensure your pet gets enough space and freedom to roam:1.

Set up a ‘buzz’ to keep birds in check in the wild.2.

Set a boundary for your bird to roam free in the centre of the yard. 


Place a small fence around your yard to prevent your bird from roaming free in your backyard.4.

Add an alarm that will be triggered when your pet runs into a neighbour’s yard.5.

Keep your pet indoors during the day. 

You can use a pet door to separate your bird and your neighbours.6.

Take your pet outside at night so that it can be kept in a safe environment.7.

Keep pets indoors when you are away from home and out of the city. 

This will help to prevent pets from wandering into the city and causing problems. 

The best way to keep a pet happy in your city is to be a responsible pet owner. 

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