Pet pillow pet shelter for homeless people in Denver, Colorado, will accept all types of pets

A pet pillow shelter in Denver will be accepting all kinds of pets from the couch to the high-end cat.

Cabot Cats & Miniatures has been in operation since 2011.

The shelter has now expanded to accept more pets than ever before, and it has welcomed over 500 dogs and cats since its founding.

“It’s always a dream to bring in a new breed or a new type of pet and this one is a dog and cat, because there’s not enough of them,” said founder, Ben Cavallaro.

“It’s a very unique breed, and a very different breed than anything we’ve ever had before.”

There’s a real need for this type of shelter in this area, and the more people that come, the better.

“Cabots owners and staff are also looking to hire additional volunteers to work in the shelter, which Cavallari says is the largest of its kind in Colorado.”

It is such a big deal that this is a success and we’re doing such a great job that people are coming in and staying, and we need to be able to keep these people here,” he said.”

The more we can bring in people that are in need, the more we’re able to help.

“For more information, visit or call 303-441-2778.