PETA: Animal shelters in Australia have been caught red-handed smuggling pet cremation

A shelter has been caught smuggling pet cemeteries in a country where animal lovers are dying for their pets.PETA Australia said it had lodged an FIR with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) and that two pet crematories were being operated in Queensland and New South Wales that have been operating in contravention of the laws and regulations on animal cruelty.

The ACCC said it was investigating whether the businesses were providing a false and misleading representation to consumers.

The organisation said it also had lodged a complaint with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARRD), which had been the primary enforcement agency in the state.

Peta Australia chief executive officer Michael Boudreau said the organisation was “horrified” that Australian pet owners were dying for pets and would continue to do everything in our power to hold these animal abusers to account.

“If the cruelty of animal abuse continues to be condoned by the Australian public, we will be calling for an urgent ban on pet cremations and the return of our beloved pets to Australia,” he said.

“It’s time to end this madness that is killing so many animals in Australia.”

In a statement, the Australian Humane Association said the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Australian Cattlemen’s Association (ACMA) had issued a joint statement calling for the government to step in to ban the facilities.

“These facilities are a disgrace to Australian agriculture and animal welfare and they should be banned,” said the statement.

The statement continued: “We believe that the laws in place are clear and will be enforced.

These are not pet crematoria.”

The ACMA has said it is investigating the issue.