PET insurance company has ‘no idea’ about Peter Quill’s death

PET insurance provider St Peters Hospital in Sydney’s south-east is offering no-show policies to pets, a sign of the uncertainty around Peter Quills death.

It is the latest in a string of pet deaths linked to the controversial pet insurance policy, which is sold through pet insurance company Petco.

Peter Quill was found dead in his bedroom in his Sydney home on December 15, 2016.

The insurance company’s director of business development, Mark Evans, told the policy did not cover animals, as the owner of the dog in question was not a pet owner.

“There is no indication at the moment that this policy is being used,” Mr Evans said.

Petco is an insurance provider that also provides coverage for livestock, horses and dogs, including for people.

St Peters said it had been contacted by Petco about the policy, and said it would investigate.

Mr Evans said Petco was offering “zero-interest rates” for Petco insured pets, but said he did not know the exact terms.

He said the policy was designed to cover pets “with the expectation of them being returned to the owner after they have been adopted”.

“There has been no indication of any animals being returned from the Petco policy, at least to date,” he said.

St Peters declined to answer further questions about the PetCo policy, citing the privacy of the deceased.

But in a statement to, the company said it was offering the policy to all pets who needed it.

“”It is an absolute no-brainer that Petco is the right insurance provider for a pet to have, with all the benefits that come with it, including the ability to claim a zero-interest policy, for up to six months,” it said.”

We also understand that there are people who have not yet had their Petco Pet Insurance policies extended, and therefore are left with no choice but to seek Petco for the policy they need.

“While Petco has offered us zero- interest rates, we will continue to work closely with Petco to ensure that PetCo Pet Insurance is the best option for Petowners in our market.”

St Peters did not say how much it was paying Petco, or the type of policy it offered, but Mr Evans told news, that the policy covered pets of all breeds.

When asked about the number of pets it was supporting with the policy (at the time of the death), Mr Evans replied: “No comment at the present time.”

The Petco statement also did not indicate how many of the pets had been adopted by St Peters.

While PetCo is an insurer for pet owners, Mr Evans acknowledged that some owners had not been fully insured.

“[There] has been a number of cases where people have not been adequately insured, and in some instances, people are now being left with a pet that they have not had a pet insurance cover for,” he told news blog Pet News.

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