How to find a pet for sale in Jerusalem

A pet shop in Jerusalem is getting a new lease of life after a controversial ruling by a judge allowed it to reopen.

The Supreme Court of Israel lifted a ban on pet stores and pet shows in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, allowing them to resume operating in the city after being shut down for six months.

The court said the stores should be allowed to sell their wares on the public market in order to attract customers and to make money.

“It’s very rare that a court can lift a ban like this and make such a big impact on business,” said Aida Alshamy, the owner of The Pet Shop in Jerusalem.

“There are lots of small businesses in Jerusalem that are trying to make a living and they’re trying to do that.

It’s difficult to do.

It has to be done by the government.”

The ruling was made by a Jerusalem court last month, which said the Pet Shop, located in a busy shopping center, was a private business.

The Supreme Court had ruled the shop violated the city’s prohibition on selling pets to the public.

The Pet Shop was one of several in Jerusalem and occupied East Jerusalem that closed in April after the city declared the area a “no-go zone.”

The Supreme Council for Civil Liberties, an Israeli rights group, said the decision “clearly shows that the courts are not capable of controlling public morals.”

A court ruling allowing the Pet Store to reopen is one of the few victories in recent years for the city, which has experienced a dramatic rise in crime.

The number of cases involving animals has doubled in the last year, according to the police, a phenomenon which experts say is linked to a resurgence of street crime.

Last week, police arrested a man and a 16-year-old boy for allegedly stabbing a man in the chest outside the Pet Mart.

They were taken to a local hospital to be treated for the wound.

Last month, a court allowed a small pet shop to reopen after being closed for six years.

That opened on Sunday, after a local court blocked the closure and ordered it to reopening.