Pete Colbert, the man behind the Pet Friendly hotels, has died

Pet Friendly Hotel owners Peter Oliver and Pete Colbert are mourning the passing of their longtime friend and fellow Australian comedian Pete Colbert.

Key points:Pet Friendly Hotel owner Peter Oliver says he’s “saddened and shocked” by the passing”Pet Friendly is “not just a brand but a lifestyle”It’s a statement of intent from the owners to “be a place that caters to all walks of life”Pet friendly hotels are “a new breed of accommodation that embraces the best of the pet-friendly lifestyle”The iconic comedian has died at the age of 83Pet Friendly owner Peter Colbert died early on Monday, having been battling pneumonia for a few weeks.”

It is with profound sadness that I report the passing today of Peter Colbert, beloved comedian and a fixture of Australia’s comedy scene for more than 50 years,” a statement from Pet Friendly read.”

Peter had a remarkable career spanning the past 20 years, starting with the launch of the iconic Pet Friendly hotel chain in 1984.

“In the process, he created an incredible community of friends, colleagues, fans and colleagues, who gave him their undying support and friendship.”

This legacy will live on in the people who have worked alongside him, including the incredible Peter Colbert Family and his wife, Susan, and many friends.

“Peter was born on October 28, 1954 in Melbourne to Mary Oliver, an art teacher, and George Collettsons brother, John.

He was the youngest of five children and the only child of John and his late wife, Mary.

He began his career in television in the late 1950s and began his professional career in Australia in the early 1960s.

In the late 1970s, he worked as a host and interviewer on the ABC TV series ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete’, where he hosted the program from 1982 to 1986.

In 1992, he hosted The Adventures of Tom and Jerry on ABC TV and starred in several other series, including ‘The Incredible Adventures of Gertie’ in 1992.

He continued his television career in the mid-2000s, hosting The Adventures Of Zorro and starring in many episodes of the popular series ‘Super Meat Boy’.

He then took a break from television to make films, most notably ‘The King of Comedy: The Comedy Show’ in 2004.

He returned to television in 2013 and was featured in the hit TV series, ‘The Simpsons’.

Pet Friendly has become one of Australia ‘s most famous brands, with its signature red, white and blue theme hotel and hotel-style theme parks attracting more than 200 million visitors each year.

In an interview with the ABC, Peter said that his career has been marked by “one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life, which is to take a stand for the pets”.”

There’s so much suffering, there’s so many people suffering, and there’s people who are dying and people who haven’t had a chance,” he said.”

I think it’s a really important thing to take on the responsibility to be a part of.

“Peter told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Andrew Bolt on Monday morning that he was “so saddened and shocked to hear the news of the passing”.”

I always thought the Pet Free movement would be more than a little bit like this,” he told Bolt.”

When I first started, I was the first person to say, ‘I think pet friendly hotels should exist’.

“I thought, ‘This is the perfect place for me to go and express my opinion, so why shouldn’t we?'”

He said he was proud of the brand and of its mission to make “a home that cater to all types of pets”.

Peter said the PetFree movement was built on “one principle: a belief that the animal has the right to live in a home where it can be comfortable, safe and happy”.

“That’s what we’ve tried to instil in everyone, that the animals have the right, they’re in the right environment,” he added.

“We’ve never, ever thought of the animals as pets, we’ve never thought of them as pets as a family.”

Pet Friendly’s first hotel, the Pete’s, opened in 1987, and it has since expanded to over 50 hotels across the country.

The iconic hotels also host the ‘Sausage Train’ which, while being based in Queensland, was inspired by the iconic animal-themed trains of Queensland.

“The Pete is an iconic symbol of Pet Free and our hope is that that will live forever on in that hotel,” Pet Friendly’s head of hospitality, Mark McClellan, told,au.

“That iconic image of the sausage train and the pet free theme hotel is still very much alive in the Petey’s world.”

Petey’s is a restaurant with “a distinct sense of tradition and nostalgia”, and it was “inspired by the Petechys’ family” when