Why actor Peter Dinklages is leaving the series he’s starred in

Peter Dinkylages has left the hit BBC show he’s appeared in for three seasons, his agent has said.

Dinklags had been cast as Sherlock Holmes in the fourth series of Sherlock, but was forced to leave in early 2017 due to a shoulder injury.

The actor had previously been offered roles on BBC dramas such as Blackadder and the new drama Sherlock.

He had been scheduled to return in 2018, but the show was cancelled.

He will now return to the series as a detective for BBC One’s series of crime procedurals.

The actor will appear in a new role for the series, the agent said, adding that the character had been in discussions with the BBC for a long time.

“Peter Dinkles is the new Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock is coming back, he has been in negotiations for a very long time,” said the agent.

“We are looking at his role on the show for the BBC.”

Dinklos was cast in the role of Sherlock Holmes after being offered the role by producer Mark Gatiss, who had written the series with his brother Mark.