How to read Peter Facinelli’s tweet on the Boston Bruins

Peter Facini, the president of hockey operations for the Boston Celtics, has a Twitter account.

It’s not one he uses frequently.

It was deleted on Thursday afternoon, but Facinelli has since responded to several of the many tweets he’s received on the account.

In response to a tweet by a fan about the Boston Red Sox, Facinelli responded, “The Boston Red, you know, they have a lot of money.

They’ve got a lot.”

“And the Boston Blue?

They have a big team,” he added.

“The Boston Bruins,” Facinelli continued, “are a very good hockey team, and they’re very, very good.”

Facinelli also added a picture of a Bruins jersey to his Twitter feed, which he captioned with, “Bruins jersey.”

In the wake of the Red Sox loss, Facini’s account was suspended, but not before he retweeted an ESPN writer’s tweet about the Celtics.

This is a very nice jersey from the Boston Boston Bruins, but I don’t know if you can wear it outside of the home team’s home games?

Facinelli has also retweeted a tweet from The Washington Post’s Matt Fraction that appeared to be mocking the Bruins’ fans and a Boston Red Wings fan.

If I was in Boston, I’d be a fan of the Boston Fenway Park Red Wings and they’d be my favorite team.

On Twitter, Facino also retweets a message from ESPN writer Adam Rubin, who called out Facinelli for his lack of interest in the Boston sports.

Facinelli then responded to the tweet by saying, “Hey Adam Rubin.

I think you’re wrong.

I love hockey.”

Facino then retweeted another ESPN writer who claimed Facinelli is not a Bruins fan.

“You are correct.

The Boston Bruins have the most fans in the NHL,” Facino responded.

He then added another tweet, writing, “I know how the Red Wings fans feel, I have the Red Stars fan base.

I’ve got an old friend from Boston, and I hope he’s rooting for them this year.”

Facinian also retweeteds an ESPN reporter who tweeted about Facinelli and the Boston fans.

What does Peter Facino want to do?

“My job is to keep the Boston hockey team together, and as a team, to keep Boston fans in their seats, so we can continue to play the game we love,” Facina said.

“The fans, I’ve seen in person.

I’m a fan myself.

I don�t care what team they’re on.

I am the president.

I want to be able to get to work every day and be able give my best effort and give everything I’ve been given.

So, I’m not going to do anything to change that.”