Steele plays the titular role in playgirl’s new Netflix series

In February 2018, Netflix announced Steele’s upcoming playgirl comedy series The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a Netflix Original series created by Steele and co-executive producer J.M. Rosenberg.

The show, which was first revealed in February, stars Steele, who plays the role of D.B. Jackson, an ex-boyfriend of the titillating playgirl played by Jennifer Garner.

The series stars Jaden Smith, T.J. Miller, and Lili Reinhart as D.C. and T.D. “Maddie” Jackson, who is married to the titilating playboy played by Matt Lauer.

A limited series, the show will debut in late 2018 and feature two episodes per week.

A theatrical version of the series is also in development, though Netflix is not yet announcing an end date.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoos is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Netflix.

Steele also serves as a producer and executive producer, along with Rosenberg.

Stole the Show star Sam Heughan, who will star in the series, wrote the script and is also the executive producer.

Stelter will play the titulating play girl.