Which hotels are pet friendly?

By PETE STOCHKOBER/BLOOMBERG PICTURES Pet Friendly hotels are the safest hotels for your furry friend.

Pet friendly hotels have the best dog parks, and their pet owners love them for that.

Pets have never been safer.

But the latest research shows they’re also more likely to suffer injuries or suffer serious illness if they’re left alone in a hotel.

And while there’s nothing wrong with leaving your furry companions at home, some hotel owners say pets should only stay in their rooms when it’s safe.

They should stay in a separate room when you don’t have a key, or they can’t be left unattended.

If you’ve booked a pet-friendly hotel, you’ll need to find out what’s on their “guidelines” before you book your stay.

Here’s a look at what is and isn’t allowed at pet friendly hotels.


Pets are not allowed in the lobby of hotel rooms.

This includes your room and even the bathroom.

And if you are staying at a hotel that doesn’t have its own dog park, you may need to ask for a separate animal-friendly room.

There are many other rules for pet-free hotels, like keeping pets out of your rooms and out of guest bathrooms.


Pets may not be kept in rooms without pets’ owner consent.

A pet’s owner may be allowed to take it out of a room for a short period of time after they’ve been given the OK.

But it’s up to the hotel to decide whether that’s OK.

If it is, your pet may be placed in a private room and you will be responsible for feeding, bathing and grooming it.

If the pet is kept alone in the room, it may be kept as a pet for one week.

But if your pet is being held at a pet shelter, it must be returned to the shelter within 48 hours of being returned.


Pets cannot be taken into the lobby or guest rooms of pet-safe hotels.

Pets will be kept separately from guests, but can’t enter the lobby.


Pets can’t sleep in the same room as guests.

A guest can sleep in their own room, but they can only share the bed.

If a guest has a pet, they may share the same bed as a cat or dog, but their pet cannot sleep in that bed.

Pets need a separate bed for sleeping.


Pets must be in a crate at all times.

Pets should not be left in a room unattended with food or drink, but you may have the option of letting them sleep in a container.

A container may be provided at the hotel for the pet.

But don’t let your pet leave the crate unattended without a leash or a tag.


Pets, not guests, should clean up after guests.

Pets aren’t allowed in your room, and guests aren’t welcome in your hotel room.

But they can still be seen and handled.

If guests don’t wash their hands or wash their dishes before leaving, they’re expected to.

But you can always clean up afterwards.


Pets don’t need to be fed in your rooms.

You don’t want your pet feeding in your bedroom when your guests are away.

You can let them feed on the kitchen floor, but your guests may not need to feed their pets there.


Pets and their owners can’t touch or touch each other while in your hotels room.

Pets that are allowed to roam freely in your lobby are only allowed to sit on your bed.

But pets that are not, may not stay on your lap or bedside table.


Pets with food allergies can’t come into your rooms at all.

But there’s no reason why they can no longer come in your suite, guest suite, or hotel pool.


Pets not allowed to wear collars are allowed in hotels that have their own dog parks.

If your hotel doesn’t, guests may still be allowed into your hotel rooms with collars on, so long as they wear them for the duration of their stay.


Pets shouldn’t be kept on the same floor as guests or guests shouldn’t have pets in the guest suite.

A dog park is a special area reserved for pets, and it should be off limits to guests.

Guests can bring their own dogs to the park, but it is recommended guests not keep pets in their suites.


Pets staying at your hotel can’t have food or drinks in the hotel room or guest suite without your permission.

But guests can still bring food and drinks in. 13.

Pets left in the main room of your hotel must be on their own.

Pets sleeping on the main floor are off limits.

Pets in other rooms must be kept alone, and pets must be secured in their beds.

Pets on other floors cannot be left on the floor without your consent.


Pets won’t be allowed in a dog park without a