An Australian man faces trial for sending child pornography to his ex-girlfriend

An Australian woman has been charged with possessing child pornography after her ex-boyfriend shared photos of her nude and masturbating on a laptop.

A magistrate had heard an Australian woman was “in love” with her ex, who was also a Facebook friend of her boyfriend.

The couple met on Facebook, but her ex had moved to Melbourne, where he lives.

He posted the photos on Facebook to “likes” the woman’s profile.

On September 15, 2017, the woman sent him a message, saying she was “really into” her ex.

She then sent him the pictures, with the caption “You’ve got to see this”.

“I said to myself, this isn’t funny, it’s sick, I’m sick,” she told the court.

The victim told the jury that her ex “had a girlfriend” who he said “was a bit of a creep” and “liked to make fun of people”.

She told the trial the photos were of her naked and masturbated, and said she “wanted it to be seen” but she “didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable”.

She also said she sent him explicit pictures of her genitals.

Her ex “tried to blackmail her” and she told him that he would “be a lot more at ease with me” if he was “not allowed to see them”.

She said she had not sent the photos to her ex but was “a bit jealous” because he “loved it”.

She was “bored” and left the Facebook page.

On October 10, 2017 she shared the pictures with her former boyfriend, and the trial heard she “laughed” at his reaction.

She told a separate trial that the images were “in a way a joke”.

Her ex said he “had been blackmailed” and sent them to his girlfriend, and she had “taken them away”.

“He was not going to give it to me, he would not see it, it would never get to me,” she said.

“It was a joke.”

The victim also told the hearing she was upset her ex would “not take the pictures down”.

She did not tell police about the images until October 26, 2017.

Her lawyer said her ex’s actions had caused a “significant amount of anxiety” and had affected her relationship with her daughter.

She said he had “become more aggressive” in the past few months, and that she would be in court on Thursday for the trial.

“I’m hoping to put my child at risk, but I also hope to make sure she understands the harm she is causing,” she pleaded.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.