U.S. Navy launches dog search, pets from Mexico

The U.N. Security Council has condemned the killing of two dogs belonging to U.C. San Luis Obispo University professor Peter Bergman and his wife.

The dogs were found in the Philippines and are believed to be of mixed breed origin.

The two were found unresponsive on Thursday after they were taken to the hospital by Philippine officials, said a statement from the U.K.-based Committee for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

They were later transferred to the U-20 World Cup, which begins on Saturday in Panama.

The U.A.E. said it was deeply saddened by the news.

The United States condemns this senseless and deplorable act and we are deeply concerned about the wellbeing of the two animals, the UCA said.

The Philippines said the dogs had been found dead in a garbage bin at the couple’s residence.

They are in stable condition, it said in a statement.

The State Department said on Friday it was “deeply concerned” by the incident.

The department is working closely with the Philippines, the United States and other governments to coordinate with the international community in the wake of the killing.

A statement from U.U.S.-based Animal Welfare Institute, which is investigating the killing, said it is investigating and would provide further details if requested.