‘Trump is a total fraud’: Pete Townshend says GOP’s Pence policies are a total lie

By PETE TOWNSHEEN, Fox News contributorPETE TULLISTON, Fox Business anchorPETE BOTTENHAM, The Wall Street Journal’s chief global investment reporterPETE CAMPBELL, The Associated Press’ chief international affairs correspondentWASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is willing to meet with the leader of North Korea in exchange for the reopening of diplomatic relations, but the North’s leader Kim Jong Un will need to give up his nuclear weapons and give up all of his nuclear ambitions.

The meeting with Trump is an indication of how the real estate mogul and GOP vice presidential candidate is trying to convince North Korea that the United States is a friend not a foe and the North is open to negotiating a political settlement.

Trump and Kim agreed in recent weeks to hold a summit in the coming weeks to try to hammer out a diplomatic solution.

Trump said Tuesday he had received a request from the North to hold the meeting.

Kim has called for the U.S. and South Korea to hold an open-ended dialogue on the North Korea crisis.

That would mean that the two sides would not need to negotiate.

Trump has called Kim a “bad man” and “a failed leader” who needs to be put in jail.

Trump told reporters at the White House he has never met Kim, saying: “I would never meet him, but I have never met him without his permission.”