‘I can’t believe that you killed my pet’

PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian couple has died after they tried to burn their pet on a pet cremation site, local media reported.

A man and woman, both Malaysians, went to a pet cemetery in Petaling Jaya for a cremation of a pet.

They did not expect the cremation to be a success, and it was not clear why the man and his wife did not go for a traditional cremation at the cemetery.

However, the cremator who did not have any proper qualifications for cremating a pet, did not allow the couple to do so.

Instead, the man’s body was sent for burial in a nearby cemetery.

The couple were found dead after the crematorium was opened.

“The pet was burned.

It’s the first time in our lives that we have been in this situation,” a neighbour, Nana Tan, told the Daily Sabah.

He said the crematory was also not safe for people with pets.

The man’s wife, Tan Ailai, told AFP that they had been planning to leave the city to go to another state and that she did not want to go back.

She said she had left the couple’s two children at home for their funeral, but their three-year-old son was among those that were left behind.

After the cremations, the woman said she was so angry at the couple that she wanted to burn her husband’s body herself.

“I have no regrets about what happened.

I don’t want my son to suffer.

I will do what I can to ensure this never happens to anyone,” she told AFP.

Another neighbour, Abdul Hameed, said the woman had already tried to set the fire to the man before they had their first cremation.

It was not known if the woman would be charged with murder or negligent homicide, or if her husband would be prosecuted.

Last year, a Malaysian woman died after setting a fire in the city of Semarang, killing her three-month-old baby, according to local media.