How to find a good breeder for your pet

A pet-friendly pet-supply store has opened in Brisbane’s CBD.

The Pet Supply Store on St George’s Street in the CBD is owned by Paul Griffin, a Brisbane-based breeder.

The store was set up to supply the city’s pet supply chain with high-quality pet supplies.

Griffin said he wanted to make a difference for pet owners.

“I just want people to know that the best thing you can do for your pets is to find the right breeder,” Griffin said.

“You don’t need to be an animal lover.

If you’re just a pet owner you don’t have to know anything about it.”

Just get in touch with someone who’s a pet lover.

“Griffin started his breeder business in the late 1990s.

He said he would like to open more stores across Queensland, but only if people knew where to get the best quality pet supplies from.”

If you can find the best breeder in your area and they’re also a pet-loving person then they can help you out a lot,” he said.

The pet supply store has been a success so far.

Griffith said the pet supply industry in Queensland is in a good place.”

We have one of the highest dog and cat breeding volumes in the world,” he told ABC Brisbane.”

In Queensland, we have about 30 per cent of the breeding population.

“So if we’re going to grow that number, it’s going to be through the pet-selling and pet-purchasing of pet-owners.”

The store’s breeder’s website also shows a rise in pet sales.

Grassley said there were more and more pet owners looking for a good pet supply business.

“As the industry has matured and become more and longer-established, I think the pet market has grown a lot in Queensland,” he explained.

“And it’s very important that it’s growing at the same rate as the pet business.