How to fix your dog’s tummy, according to pet-food maker Peter ‘Pete’ Docter

Pet-food company Pete Docter, which makes the “DOG” food and treats, has been targeted by the Government over a complaint that its products contain genetically modified ingredients.

Mr Docter’s company, which has a manufacturing facility in Bangalore, said on Tuesday that it had received the complaint from the State of Kerala on Monday.

The complaint was received from the state’s Department of Food and Consumer Affairs, which issued a warning on Monday, it said.

Mr Kishore, chief executive officer of Pete, said the company had not been informed about the Department of Agriculture’s decision to take legal action.

“Our team is focused on meeting our production requirements and delivering our products to our customers,” he said.

In December, the department of agriculture issued a circular to all companies producing and selling products containing GMO ingredients, saying that products that contained GMO ingredients would be liable to fines up to Rs 50,000 per day.

The circular had also urged companies to produce their products in compliance with Indian law and the Environment Protection Act, and to ensure that all their products comply with the rules of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Mr Laber said he was surprised at the move.

“We’ve been trying to get the circular changed since it came in but it is an attempt to harass us.

We are just trying to do the right thing,” he told The Indian Express.

Mr Pate told The Times of India that the company was already doing its utmost to comply with Indian laws and regulations.

“The circular from the department is very vague.

It doesn’t say how you are supposed to do it,” he added.

The Indian food safety regulator said on Wednesday that it was not aware of any complaints against Pete or its products.

“While the issue of GMOs is in the news, the safety of our food and the environment are paramount for the health of all our citizens,” the ministry of food and consumer affairs said in a statement.

The ministry also said that Pete had informed the department and the state government that they had no intention of moving forward with the matter.

The government is also yet to respond to questions about whether it was aware of complaints filed by the Kerala government against Petechar and the other major Indian pet-supply firms.

MrLaber, who is based in Bangalore and had previously worked for Petechars, said that the government was “not in a position to take a decision on this matter.”

“They have to get a law in place first, and then we can take action,” he explained.

“They could take it in the courts, or if they want to send us a notification in the media, they could do that.”